Dinner Time..

This Redtail hawk was mantling over her dinner
as a golden eagle flew by overhead.
I guess you can never overcome true animal instincts,
nor would I want to.
I know that this is not the optimum pose for a falconry bird,
but it sure did make a beautiful photograph.


Anonymous said...

Namaste' Stacey wow what a treasure you were to find!!!! I have worked with raptors my self for years and hope to eventually expand at my outreach here for specifically raptor rehab, right now I am getting my actual certification as a wildlife rehabber come this March. This is a stunning picture!!! To capture REAL life and behavior within the wild, is truly divine. Metta


Stacey Olson said...

You always have such beautiful words to say. Thank you soooo much.
Good luck with your certification this month..
Metta to you also