Before I take on any of these birds, I make an unspoken commitment to work with them each day that the Mother Nature will allow.
By our second year together, Absaroka (Abby girl)
had the routine figured out,
and came to expect more of me than I could sometimes provide.
Abby took my family on many unforgettable adventures;
her prowess as a hunter was unmatched,
often toying with her prey to extend the hunt a bit longer before making the kill. Witnessing nature in its rawest form is something that should humble and keep you grounded.
Working with these fantastic birds is an experience that I will never take for granted and if it were all to end tomorrow,
I will be thankful for the time that these magnificent animals have allowed me to spend with them.



Martin Vodak said...

brilliant photographs. I once dreamt of being a falconer... you really are lucky to live in the wild west :)
thank you for the visit. wish you good light for your spectacular photographs.

Stacey Olson said...

Thanks Martin,
I am glad you enjoyed the site, and I am lucky to live where and how I do.. :) Follow your dreams and don't ever look back and say "I wish I would have..." Life is just too short.

Anonymous said...

cool stacy you are now using effects :)