Snuck out this morning to take Willow flying. She had a blast and was soaring around my head for a while until the wind came up. I took along the little critter camera and was able to get some neat video~ will try to put it all together later on and share, but realized when I got home~ that most of the footage was taken into the sun.. oops. Not easy to maneuver Willow and all the things required for falconry~ the camera, myself and still try to flush a bunny or two. Well lucky for me.~ Willow has lots of patience and she tolerates me. The wind picked up toward the end, and “something” was flying above us.. I never saw it, but she was telling me it was there~ wore her out today, but she loved every minute of it. And we made it home just as it started to snow. Timing is everything.

Here are a few photos I captured off of the video footage from today..~

(Thank you Prois for such a fantastic line of women’s hunting and outdoor apparel.. cloths that really work)


I am often asked.. why I would want to fly a hawk. Other Falconers often prefer falcons over hawks as they are better suited to hunt different quarry. I fell in love with Red Tails 11 years ago. I love their personalities. I love their courage. I love to watch them fly, and hunt~ and it is all up close and very personal. Each bird has a unique personality and temperament. But this last image~ for me, gives a small glimpse into the answer to the question.. Why..?

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