Playing catch up~

I seem to have fallen WAY behind on this blog again so I am taking a few minutes here to play catch up.
First lets get an update on Tim~
Looks like "Tim" was actually a Tim-ette..
Timette is doing very well. The photo below is her with her big girl tail feathers from the flight barn last summer.
Tim has been placed with and educational organization in California where she will have the wonderful opportunity to teach humans about red tails, and raptors in general..
(Aren't those *red* tail feathers just fantastic?)
Now on to Scooter~
Scooter grew up into a beautiful bird,(photo below)
and was successfully released back into the wild about a month ago.
( I know, shame on me for not getting photos, or posting earlier~
I will try to do better next time*wink*)
Great News~
Scooter was spotted about a week after the release happily feeding on a cotton tail rabbit.
As for the present~
I trapped a new *falconry* bird last week.
I have not taken any photos yet. I am still working on manning the bird down and don't want to cause any more trauma than necessary~
but will post ASAP.
~bird is just too camera shy at the moment.
I am drawing a complete blank on a name for this particular red tail. So I have decided to ask my creative and faithful blog readers to help me choose a name this time. What do you say gang? any suggestions?


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

What a wonderful hobby to have Stacey, and your work at the rebah centre must be most rewarding. We do not have the red-tail here although we do have the Sparrowhawk. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Cool! keep us posted! :)
Cheers, Klaus

Anonymous said...

name your new, shy bird, ( Krusty )