Total Freedom

Update on Ollie. In the short amount of time that I was able to care for Ollie, he grew amazingly fast, his feathers grew in beautifully. He was really strong and was darting around the mew amazingly well. I had served him a few live grasshoppers and mice and he didn't have any problem at all fending for himself, therefore I saw no reason at all to keep him any longer. I took him out to the pre arranged place and thought that I would be able to set up and take a few pictures of the "release" I was really excited as well as a bit anxious, hoping that he would do ok. Well, it was the most perfect and successful release, the little twerp did not even pause to look back and say thank you, see you later, nothing. He took off like a rocket and streatched his little wings and tried out his acrobatic talents. To quick for me to even think about captureing any photos. When he was tired out he lid about 200 yards across the canyon on the top of a rock bluff. We watched for a while and later in the day Ollie was seen hunting grass hoppers or lizards (not sure which) I am thrilled and confident that he will be just fine. It is always a bit scary to me when there is a release, but this little guy was definately ready to go. I have not "seen" him sence but have heard the distinctive kee kee kee of a kestrel a few times. ~


kjpweb said...

A job well done! Maybe he sends you a postcard! ;)
Cheers, Klaus

Anonymous said...

very good picture! keep up great work

Anonymous said...

your photos are beautiful

Anonymous said...

A nice blog and appreciate your efforts on this rehab program. Congrats on the latest release.

Arija said...

Hi, I tried to leave a comment on your other site, but the comment option was disabled.
The wolf is my totem so naturally I wanted to thank you for posting one in the snow with his lovely winter coat on.