Daily Exercises

My husband Mike, captured this photograph last winter
while we were out flying together.
This is only one memory that I will forever cherish.
Each and every day I am thankful,
I am thankful for where I live,
and to the Creator for the beauty that surrounds us.
I am thankful for my family,
my wonderful husband who never complains,
but stays patient and supportive of my dreams.
Our two boys that are growing to be wonderful young men.
I am thankful that they have been able to share in our hobbies and passions.
I cannot imagine that any of this would hold as much joy
without them there at our sides to share in each experience….
Thank You!!


Anonymous said...

Stacey, By you starting this website, I will never feel far from "home"! Thanks, Aunt Pam

sky said...

Namaste' Stacey! your such a beautiful person, in and out,this picture says it ALL about you. Magazine material ;0) I immediately FELT this photo within my soul, and KNEW /KNOW what you were/are feeling here at the moment from my own experiences with these amazing animals. Metta


Stacey Huston said...

Pam, You are never far from home!! You will always cary it in your heart. I wish you love and happiness always..

Stacey Huston said...

Thanks Sky,,
I HATE getting my picture taken, Thank goodness for digital and delete(GRIN) A/ho and Metta to you