Sinte Luta

Sinte Luta is doing quite well. I how ever have been neglecting this blog again.... sorry....On new years day My boys chose the name Sinte Luta... there is more info about this on my regular blog ~A "Focus" in the Wild.
Since then we have been working on Sinte's strength and stamina.. She is flying and responding very well. Recieved a slight injury to her wing about a week ago, so we have taken time off to heal.. Should be getting back on track this week, weather permitting.


Albert A Rasch said...

I've checked out your blogs, and you have some fantastic photos! Ollie was awful cute if a little ungrateful.

I am curious, what do you shoot with? I'm planning on getting a Canon 50D but I am a little unsure as to which lens to get. I sold off my F1, two A-1s, an AE-1, and an Olympus OM-1, and I understood the lens system but now I'm not to sure... Sorry, I digressed. I do that a lot.

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Reynaldo Burdier said...

i like how you took pictrues of these animals they must be grate to see